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Hi, I’m Cathlene Klippert and in 2020 I chose to leave the corporate world after 25+ years in administrative roles covering the Manufacturing, Software, and Financial Industries. Not knowing what it would bring I chose to follow my heart and take a leap of faith venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship. Now some may think it a risky move, quitting during a pandemic, however, when my inner guidance says “GO” I’ve learned it is time to listen and trust the process.

I knew I was to be of service and started creating my Intuitive Art business. However, it wasn’t long before I saw another business asking to be birthed. I had recently joined  My Spiritual Biz , a membership site for spiritual entrepreneurs which I highly recommend and noticed a common thread presenting itself through the conversations. 

Like you, many felt frustrated by tasks that required skills they didn’t have or kept pulling them away from spending time where their light shined. Working with energy I understand how crucial it is to maintain a high vibe so your light can shine as you work with your clients. That’s when I realized I could make a difference in the world utilizing the skills obtained from the corporate world. I could create the space needed for YOU to focus ON your business instead of in it. 

So if you are finding your light dimming and frustration growing from the daily tasks needed to run your business, I invite you to request a consultation today. 

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